After suffering an infection of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 many people have after-effects

our rehabilitation treatment is indicated for all those who have overcome the severe phase of the disease and present any type of after-effect, whether physical, cognitive or neurological

The main after-effects and persistent post-Covd-19 symptoms mainly affect the physical condition. Many  of those affected by this virus require specific cardiorespiratory rhythm training, although there are also important after-effects at the cognitive level, with alterations in memory, attention and concentration for the performance of basic tasks

What does the treatment of Covd-19 consist of?

In Neurogenesis clinic with specialists in neurorehabilitation, focuses its efforts on the rehabilitation of people who have suffered to a greater or lesser extent the incidence of covid-19, for this reason, we have a specialized plan to treat the after-effects of coronavirus from three main: physical, cognitive and emotional

The neurorehabilitation program service is a post-Covid recovery process to cover permanent fatigue, exhaustion to perform daily tasks, loss of attention, memory and concentration alterations, motor difficulties due to a period of immobilization, emotional alterations that include depression, anguish, anxiety and day-to-day difficulties, among others

Before starting the post-Covid recovery process, we must make an initial assessment through a questionnaire, which allows us to detect which after-effects we should treat, based on the following disciplines: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, neuropsychology and clinical psychology in order to better detect the deficits and propose a specific plan for each patient

Once the recovery program has begun, the doctor assess and reviews the physical and motor treatment plan together with a neuropsychologist to determine the deficits in memory, attention, communication and language

Post-COVID rehabilitation service

Our specialized team will be at the disposal of the patient, both in the physical rehabilitation and in the help needed to overcome emotionally and face the diseases better

With neurological physiotherapy we improve:
  • Complications of neurological after-effects
  • Mobility and adaptation to stress
Neuropsychological therapy
  • Reduces disorientation complications
  • Prevents deterioration of mental agility
  • Accompanies during the vital process of emotional enhancement
With the speech therapist we can achieve:
  • Working on voice, phonation and speech articulation
  • Improving the level of comprehension due to cerebral affectation
  • Recovering of speech or language activity
  • Searching for an alternative system to improve communication
  • Treating the problems derived from a period of tracheotomy

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