This specialty plays an important role in neurological rehabilitation, the knowledge that neurological doctors have of the central nervous system, to issue a more effective treatment to improve the patient’s quality of life.

In Neurogenesis clinic, the neurologist performs an assessment and then refer to specialists depending on the damage of each patient, then coordination with the necessary rehabilitation team depending on the damage of each patient (neuropsychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist or physiotherapist).

Finally the communication with the family and the patient is from the first moment, the medical team and therapists know and are introduced to the patient and family, a close treatment and other frequent follow-up meetings are initiated in order to communicate how the evolution is going.

Neurological Physiotherapy

  •  Neurological physiotherapy, taking into account that the origin of the injury is in the central nervous system, focuses its activity on improving the patient’s mobility.
  • The physiotherapist creates new neurological pathways and reinforces the existing ones so that movement can take place.

Physiotherapy in Neurorehabilitation for Adults

The functions of the physiotherapist in neurorehabilitation have to do with the physical improvement experienced by people who have suffered a brain injury.

The physiotherapist intervenes from the first days after the brain damage until the end of rehabilitation.

Their work focuses on enhancing the patient’s mobility and avoiding postural and movement patterns that cause pain or future malformations.

Neurodegenerative diseases and disorders usually require less intense treatment, although a small amount of periodic follow-up is required to re-educate patterns and maintain all available voluntary control.

Neurological physiotherapy, together with the corresponding medical follow-up, guides the patient on the recommended exercises and monitors the level of activity that each person should carry out depending on the stage of the disease in which they find themselves.

This is important to avoid worsening or damage over time.

Therefore, physiotherapy is one of the most important therapists during the entire recovery process of patients.

Occupational Therapy

It is a fundamental part of the neurological rehabilitation process to achieve the highest degree of functionality, independence and autonomy possible in the patient.

Dressing, eating, going out on their own or showering independently are some of the achievements that our occupational therapy specialists work for on a daily basis.

To achieve their goals, the occupational therapist works through scientifically validated techniques that allow the best neurological connections of patients with brain injuries.

The occupational therapist works in the neurological rehabilitation of both children and adult patients. Treatment is intensive, meaning that the patient attends several days a week.

Treatment goals depend on the etiology of the injury and especially on the patient’s age.

Speech Therapist

Speech therapy in the field of neurological rehabilitation and neurodevelopmental disorders plays an important role.

This discipline bases its field of action on helping people to communicate better, with all that communication implies: speech, language comprehension, writing and reading, among others.

Thanks to the work of the speech therapist, affected people will be able to have greater social contact, understand social norms, structure their daily lives and express their desires and emotions.


  • Help in childhood language disorders
  • Improving communication in patients with ASD
  • Recovery of loss for the treatment of oropharyngeal dysphagia


Psychotherapy in neurological rehabilitation has the objective of solving the problems and emotional difficulties that a patient suffering from a pathology or neurological disorder may present.

At Neurogenesis Clinic, our psychotherapists intervene when requested by the team, the family or the patient himself. That is why their role is very specific and optional in neurological rehabilitation.

Sometimes it is only a matter of a few sessions. Other times, however, psychological therapy is part of the rehabilitation process and is as important as the physical work.


  • Psychological help to patients with emotional issues
  • Guidance in support group

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