Neurogenesis Clinic is located in a very visible area from the A-7 highway, at km 71,9; just at the exit of the boulevard of San Pedro Alcantara, towards Marbella

Located in Avda. de los Angeles, nº33, in Neurogenesis Clinic we care about your comfort and we have chosen an area where it is very easy to park

From Neurogenesis Multidisciplinary Clinic we always want to offer the best treatments with the best professionals and, of course, the best facilities. Always thinking about the comfort of our patients, their companions and our professionals, that is why in Neurogenesis Multidisciplinary Clinic we have chosen well equipped and well conditioned rooms

Waiting Room

In Neurogenesis Clinic we want to offer the greatest comfort, and for this, we have a very comfortable waiting room so that both patients and their companions are not uncomfortable during the time they spend in our facilities

In addition, the waiting room joins the beautiful reception where everyone is always welcomed with a smile

Examination Room

As soon as you enter through the main door, on the left, you will find our two examination rooms adapted and equipped for our professionals

Examination room 1 is the first one we see, and it is used for patients who need psychological, neuropsychological, speech therapy or nutrition attention. Where our specialists in these fields attend them

Examination room 2 is the second one we encounter, and it is used for patients that need the attention of our neurosurgeon, therapeutic massages or acupuncture. Where they always receive the best possible treatment


In Neurogenesis Clinic we are concerned not only about patients, but also about our staff, for this reason we have an area designed for their comfort and convenience, adapted for resting

Our office is equipped with electrical appliances, a table and chairs and lockers so that our professionals can leave personal belongings while they have a consultation or perform treatments

In addition, this space is used for the training of activities of daily living such as feeding from Occupational Therapy


In Neurogenesis Clinic we have two bathrooms, one for patients and their companions, and a private one for our professionals

The bathroom for patients and companions has the necessary adaptations for people with disabilities

The private bathroom is located inside our rehabilitation room, so that the staff of our clinic has a space to wash themselves in case it is necessary, since it has a shower

Rehabilitation Room

In Neurogenesis Clinic we are aware of the importance of the rehabilitation room, so we have divided this room into two areas:

On the one hand, the area on the left is focused for the traumatological treatment, equipped with machines to exercise the body and treat the injured areas to ensure a more effective recovery

On the other hand, the area on the right is focused on neurological treatment, also equipped with a stretcher specially designed for these treatments and materials for this type of rehabilitation

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Avda. de Los Angeles, local 33
San Pedro Alcántara - Marbella


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